“That one”- §4§

You had comprehend among a grunt, and the other, was a painting that little by little, was taking form in your head of which you didn’t wanted see the end, but immediately warn me. 
In that tower, there were other prisoner, ready passing above on everything at cost to live, and go away, and you was capable to see me on that stair that i was sleeping. 

My name escaped from your mouth, one of those creatures had heard some noises outside the door, but he didn’t moved, but he has closed his fist, and the others has stopped what they were doing.
They knew that you was close, but they has left you go. Their favorite game, was begun, and you had as soon, discovered their plan.

Slowly, you was moving away from that door, and you could only went down, and just made one flight of stairs, you stopped once again. 
It seemed you hadn’t breath, and the only thought that you had in mind, was me.
If  what you had seen, i was in danger, and in someways, you had to reach, and wake me up. 

Really slow, you was sighing my name, looking for to hear something that it could be like familiar, but that one you was hearing were only, a sort of crying, and voices that you hadn’t heard before.
It seemed that the tower, hadn’t any door, but on the contrary, it was full of them.

Slowly, you was entering in his mechanism, and at end, you have wanted to try to stop yourself in front to that one that seemed only a big part of that wall, and understand if that logical thread, you was following was right or only the first mental breakdown. You was about knock that that you seemed a door, but another big clash has shaked the tower, and another lesser hit has closed a door, and you have heard someone crying behind the wall where you stopped, and without furtherly stopped yourself you have continued to went down.

It was like you have imagined: at each stairs’ widening, it was matching a door, and behind there was someone.
And that one you had heard crying, it didn’t seemed someone who was searching for revenge himself on someone else, on the contrary, it was a crying of someone whom had really fear.

Went down stairs you was reasoning on it, and one by one, your feet stopped, and you have looked at backward toward that widening of the stair. Maybe, you had should got back there in front of that invisible door, and start to chat with whoever was inside, and better understand how to look for to come out.

That blurry image of me, was making you go crazy, and at all costs you wanted reach to me.
Holding the breathe, you got back in front of that door, and for a long minute, you have stared that brick door, listening to the crying of whom was behind of it.
You was about to open the mouth to talk, but whom was behind thee door, had perceived your presence and has started to intimidate you, with threats that seemed didn’t belong to it. 

After a long proof that you wasn’t there to get hurt her, you have understand that she was a flying creature.
Her wings beating with force, as if she was wounded, and she was trying shake away that pain who she was feeling.

She said you that she was able to healing her wounds, but the place was too small, even for her enchant.
While she was telling something about her, you was looking for to open that door, and between an effort and the other, you have asked her if she had noticed a girl.

“Yes! When they has throw me inside, the roof of this tower it was open, and before to be locked up here inside i have see a girl who seemed, was sleeping on the stairs… who is she?”
It was useless answer back her: from your tone of voice, she had understand everything,  and added: “If she is smart like you, she will make it”.
And as soon finished that sentence, another big clash has shaked the tower, and it has made you rolling downstairs, and from far you have heard that new friendly voice, screaming: “Hey you!”
You have would like answer back her, but you knew, it wasn’t the case.”


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