“When i” – §3§

Have started to downstairs, the only thought that it made me feel alive, was your. 
I was making those stairs, one by one, and i was looking at around, even if, i i wasn’t able to look at beyond one or two stairs ahead.
In my own way, i was looking for orienting me, but those torches with their grey flames didn’t help much, on the contrary, they were got confusing me.

That stairwell seemed endless, and i was leaned on that wall, and just when i was about to give up, another big clash had made shake that tower. 
I stopped, and in that exact moment, i sighed your name, and for a second i closed the eyes, and i believe fallen asleep for the very first time since when i was arrived there.

Since when i heard you screming my name i haven’t had no longer news from you, and everything it had demoralized me: instead, like me, you was been throw in those spiral stairs, but that were conducting to another part.
At contrary of me, you have continuing to go downstairs, as long as you stopped from that big clash that we had  heard at the same time, and you have glimpsed another brick door opening and some strange shadows, enter in, and now that you had a free way, you wanted see who were those creatures, because they were about creatures, whom managed that strange tower, and for lucky, they hadn’t closed the door, and you went to spy behind that heavy door.

That room was enough big to contain three of those creatures, of which you have recognized that one whom, was entered in your dark and narrow room, and that place was the only that was illuminated by real flames, and their lights, made it bliding.
It had an arc window placed very high, and from it could see the sky of the night, and that deep blue was making constrat with the yellowish color of the inside.

It seemed that those ernomous creatures were playing with cards, and each time each one of them, threw one card on the table, the others  got angry animatedly, throwing their cards away. You have tought that they were playing poker, but it was only a mere hypotesis.

Soon after, one of them has asked: “Do you have set them free?” and despite it were only grunts, you have understood, that they were talking about us, and immediately after, you have hid yourself, leaning you on that dark brick wall, and slowly you have made another stairs, but between those grunts, you have understood that they were looking at me, you stopped once again, and you got back behind that door, you have waited for something that it could give you the certainty that i was ok. 

It seemed that they had a sort of crystal ball but that one was of stone, to check in each moment the great tower, and only in those instants, you have understood that, we weren’t the only hosts, and just in those instants you comprehended that that one spiral stair, was bring to another floor of  their preys, and those big clashes were the new entries who were throw in their own room or cells, and in your mind, little by little, was formatting a horrible idea: that one that creature had said you it was only a way to sweeten a cruel reality. 

If we weren’t escaped, in a way or in the other, we would not came out alive.”



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