Looking at

At you in this picture, how many things are got back in my mind, and just now eveything match. 

I have thought about it many times, and i didn’t want to think,because it seemed so crazy, but now i throw away the air from the lungs, and i still looking for to don’t crazy. 
You was there, and you have wanted made me understand.

You in Our Burn Valley, and then, you don’t say me that you don’t believe to all this.
To Our Parallel World.

I’m feeling your embrace, and your soft voice it making me crazy, and what you are whispering me it’s the most beautiful sweet thing that my soul is deciphring, and you are tightening me more to you.
Everything this is wonderful.
We are feeling bonded each other more than ever, and maybe, for real, Our Parallel World is the only place we where we want to go, and your words were saying me: “It’s closer than we can imagine”.

We are looking at each other, and you are placing my hand on your chest, and sweetly you are saying me: “It’s inside our hearts, our souls”. 
I remain without breath, and you delicately, are caressing my face, and slowly you are approaching to me, and your lips lean on my mouth. 

We are close the eyes, and slowly we disappear. 
Our Parallel World is waiting for us.

Our Parallel World is all our world.  


Listen to it⇓⇓

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