Here it is

Our slow connection is begin…and your closeness is making strong, our soft punch in the stomach is tightening me to you, and our little small electric shocks are crossing our minds. 

I hear your voice inside my soul. 
The only thing i can do is throwing away the air from the lungs.

Slowly our cconnection is growing quickly.
I can feel your arms around my belly that they are pulling me toward you.
In our apartment everything is become soft. 
Your eyes are looking for mine, and your sweet voice is calling me. 

Delicately i lift the face and our glances meet. Everything stop: even our hearts, for a long second.
You are smiling sweetly. I’m blushing, and you are take my face among your hands.
I loose myself in your marvellous eyes.
My hand is approach to your tiny neo, and you leave me to caress it.

Sweet words are flying in the air, and our slow dance begin.
Our souls are loosing, one in another.
And slowly our connection is exploding around us.
We are thinking each other.

Everything is transforming in Our Parallel World.


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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