“And after that big” – §2§

Clash, we asked each other if everything was ok.
Those clashes, seemed were something came from the tower itself, and our voices were the only thing that didn’t make us go crazy. 
“It’s from when i’m here that i’m hearing these hit” i said you, while you was starting to walk in that narrow, and small room, guided by that blurry light, that was giving you barely, an idea of his width. I was telling you what i was seeing  throught that small window, and what i was seeing was same moon, there at the same place.
It didn’t moved, not even of a centimeter, it seemed the tower was moving with her, and that frame was always the same.

In his own way, in her beauty, was scaring, and the shadows of the branches of the trees, were reflecting themselves on the wall of that column, and they seemed long arms that wanted catch me, and despite i was in that small illumunated room, giving me a sense of control, i have would liked to stay in that dark room, embraced by you.
It was what i was telling you, and those big clash didn’t helped at all to relax us.

After what the creature had said you, what did he waiting for to open our doors? That waiting  was the most atrocious, while other bigger clashes were making shaking the tower.
And just after another big clash, something has happened, and you have screamed my name, then right after a deadly silence. 

My scream has dead in throat, and i paralyzed myself: for a second i thought to chock. I have called your name many times, but i knew it was useless, but i have tried just one last time. I held back the breathe, but the only breathe i have heard, was been that one of the soft breeze, that was entering through that small window.
A soft breeze that, immediately were transformated in small blades, that slowly have piercing my soul. 

I have searched for to repear myself in the most sheltered place behind that column in the middle of that room, but it was useless: by now, that shiver had wrapped me, and it was chilling me from inside, and despite i was trying to contrast it, i wasn’t able to get warm me.
I was think to you, and your scream was getting hurt me more than other thing i had in mind.
I was crying, i knew it, and maybe your presence behind that dark brick wall, was really an hallucination.

I didn’t know what to think, when all in a sudden, to the opposite wall of the window, it has opened a door made of brick, and a soft light has illuminated the path that i would have to follow.
Really slow, i got up, and i directed outside looking at me around.
I would liked sighed your name, looking for you in someways, but i didn’t know what i had in throat. What was came out from it was only a rattle, and in adding i wasn’t able to swallow.

And only when i started to walk, leaning me on the wall, i realized that, the light along my path, were greysh, and only after, i have realized that i was going downstairs, and: “Where are you ended?” was the only thought that was hammering my head.



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