“I thought”- §1§

To have some allucinations, but more your voice was enter in my head, more i was conviced that everything was real. I got up, and started to sighed your name, and little by little, that echo vanish, and finally, our voices were meet, and i followed your voice cross the black wall and both, we placed one close to another, despite one wall have divided us.

We made us the ritual questions, but you wanted be assured that i hadn’t any wound on my body, but in that moment, i didn’t really care of my body: the only thing i was thinking was you, and you was there, even if, i didn’t know where. 

“Where are we?” you asked, looking at you around, in that one that, maybe it was the darkest room of that tower.
Where was you, there was no, not even a small window, but trough a small chinck, a blurry light was spreading in that small place, and that chinck it wasn’t neither a door, maybe it was a tiny space among a brick and the other.

You have asked me again: “Where are we?” and at the second time you have made that question, i had a jolt.
I was thinking, only how it was beautiful to hear your voice, and million thoughts were running cross my mind.
“It’s seems a tower… a tower”, and then i described what i was seeing where i was.
“Here there isn’t neither a window” you have replied me.

All in a sudden, i have heard someone who was entered from your part, and he has begin to talk.
I don’t know how many times i have wispered your name in those seconds, in prey of panic. 

I was hearing, only a murmuring, and i was’n capable to decypher anything. 
My heart was splashing out from the chest. I sighed your name for the last time, while i was sliding on the floor caressing that part of the wall, hoping to hear, even a small your breathe, instead nothing.

From the opposite side of the wall, you was paralyzed when magically, a dark and giant creature has entered trought that glimmer, and even if, you didn’t wanted stared him, a force stronger than your, it has made sure you didn’t, you didn’t take off your eyes off him, and despite he was speaking a language, really different from our, you was been capable to understand each thing he was saying you, and as, he has came in, he has left the room, without open not even a door.
Left the room, a heavy atmosphere seemed vanish, and our breathes seemed get back to the normality.

I have called you many time, but only at end, you seemed came out from that it seemed a small enchant.
I have called you for the last time, and in that last recall, you have recognized my voice, and you have shaked yourself, and repeating my name really slow, you seemed was awakening from something that, not even you was able to comprehend. 

“Luke, what’s happened, is it entered someone, how are you, did he get some hurt you?” they were questions in flurry i done without take breathe. I was only listening to you was murmuring something that, little by little, i was putting together, and what that i was listening from your mouth, from a side it has scared me much, and from the other one it was given me hope to embrace you again really soon.

That Black Tower wasn’t else, a labirynth, and we would have to exceed the obstacles that we would have meet. 
At words seemed the easiest thing that we could do.
You was shocked yet, and what was coming out from your mouth was a jumble yet.

When another big noise has shaked the Tower, your sense, seemed had taken the right way, and your following phrase: “I miss you”,  has made both of us fallen in a total void, and my wide eyes has stared the wall from where i heard your voice brokening itself among those letters put in row.”



Listen to it ⇓⇓


⇐“That separation” – §Prologue§

“And after that big” – §2§⇒

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