You are looking

At me in this way, and everything disappear. 
Everything is become Our Parallel World, and our connection begin when i soft touch your tiny neo.
Our soft punch is tightening us more one with another, and our heads are exploding at the same time.

We are think each other deeply, and just one sentence is arounding us, and we are repeating it sweetly, for fear that we can hear it, but we know, what sentence is.
When our connection begin is the only sentence that is rounding in our mind.

I close the eyes, and i feel your sweet embrace around my little body, and sweet words are taking me in Our Parallel World. 
My head are slowly exploding, and i know that, even your is about to exploding.
Our connection is making itself stronger.
Your need of someone who don’t get hurt you is tangible…. i see you, i feel it.
You perceive that our connection has something special, and each time our connection begin, you know is only way to make you feel better. 

Our connection is make us feel alive: we need each other of it.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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