“That separation” – §Prologue§

Has been more traumatic than i could imagine.
I didn’t have met Him, as i would wanted, but i was immediately, threw in a spiral very fast. 

I didn’t had the time to get used to it, that i was, immediately found myself inside the walls of something very dark.
The deafening silence after that rain wasn’t nothing in comparison.

The only thing i could see was the high moon in the sky from a small window that seemed put there, to frame it, and to remember me that something passing, but wasn’t the time, but something else.

I had fear, even to whisper your name, but in my head i had whispered it, i don’t know many times.
Thinking to you was the only thing that it was filled my mind. 
I really didn’t know what it was happened to you: if you was remained with Big Black and the other creatures, or you had left that pub in another strange way, and you had found youself in another dimension.

I was inside those dark walls, and i didn’t know what to do: the pale light of the moon was enter and it had difficulties, even to illiumunating that place. 
I hade to move me: make something, at least understand in which place i was ended.
I had a spasmodic need you, but you wasn’t there, and this was paralyze me much.

The only ally i had, was the the moon and her pale light that was illuminating the opposite wall where i placed. 
Slowly, i was oriented myself, and from what i was seeing, i have understood to be inside a tower, and that small place where i was it was one of the many small place it had. 
It seemed circular, but it had something that at first i really didn’t have perceived what it was, then when i started to walk leaning me on the wall, following all his lenght, i have understood that it was his slope.

I was moving myself really slow in that small place, and when i was hearing noises differents from my breathe i was stopped petrified, and i didn’t want to look at outside, for fear to see something that it would have scared me more.

Differents noises had catched my attention, and each time i held back the breathe, as long my heart was got back to beat normal, as much as normal it could beat
After make a round in that strange circular room, and after seen that behind that dark column, there weren’t any doors or other windows, i leaned myself on the wall just next to the window, and i have started to stared the black bricks wall hoping that that one moon could reveal me, in her own way, where i was ended, and could say me where you was.

The shadows of the outside were reflecting on the wall in front me, and despite i have found a rescue place, the freeze air was chilling the inside, and slowly was reaching me, from the foot to the arms that were hold the legs, and at end a big shiver has crossed me along the body, and in that exact moment i whispered your name. 
I had it only sighed, but those walls had amplified it to the maximum, and it seemed tha they had absorbed to their inside, and like in a permanet echo, they were repeating it.
It seemed i had put on a broken record: at begin, i really hoped that will finish, but like the rain sound, it has entered in my head, and maybe it has been a good.

I was tired, but for sure i wasn’t capable to close the eyes to rest: i was alone in a unknown place, and your name was resounding inside me, like the only positive thing. 
I had heard several clashes in that tower, but maybe the biggest, has scared me much, and without realizing, i have screamed: i didn’t know what it was happened, and i really didn’t know where to hold me, if someone was about to came in to take me away.

But after that big clash, i held back the breathe, as much as i could, to hid my presence to whoever was arrived, and when i have had take again breathe, i done it really slow, and just in those intstants, i have understood that someone else was threw in another place of that tower. 
And just after few seconds those walls has started again to repeat fleebly your name, i have closed the eyes, but when i have heard a reply to that echo, my heart is splashed out from my chest.

 You was who was calling me.”



Listen to it ⇓⇓


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