With your voice, and your arms around me makes me going crazy. I close the eyes and i’m transpotated in Our Parallel World. 

Our connection is begin slow.
I leave ajar the mouth. Your mouth speaking are touching my neck, and your arms are touching my belly, and slow you arrive in front of me.
You continue to speak to me sweetly.
You pulling me toward you, always more, and finally our lips are touch, but it’s only a soft touch. 

You delicately lift up my white skirt, and your hand goes to touch my inner thighs, and our eyes meet deeply, while your voice is wrapping me yet, and our lips are continuing to caress mine.
The only thing i can, is to slide your shirt over your shoulders. 
You was waiting for only this, and delicately you taking me among your arms, and we going upstairs.

There, is waiting for Our Parallel World.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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