“Everybody” – ╚epilogue╔

Were looking at the sky, that really slow  was filling of the stars, and almost  all the present didn’t remember what there was behind the grey blanket, and they remained breathless when, clove by clove, the moon has risen.

With Ginger next to him, Blue Paw got up, and together they has wanted reunited everybody close to us.
You was embrace me strong to you. In our own way, we knew that those were the latest moments with those creatures, and it was the time to give us a «goodbye» or maybe «see you next time».

We knew, that it was useless spend much words just to express what which we were feeling in those short instants: the words have would not filling the empty that was filled in our stomach.
We were looking at everybody, one by one, straight into their strange eyes, and to each of them, we had something special to say.

Will the Wheel had finished to check all round, and it seemed he had put the word «The End», only when he have made himself space between the other creatures, while he has looked at everybody, and with his wrinkled glance has only nodded. 

We have smiled, and then Blue Paw finally has spoken, and he said: “Tonight we haven’t won only for our freedom, but we have revenged Rob”, and there was risen a murmur among all the creatures, and even if, we haven’t known him, we  could feel one of the biggest emotion growing inside us, and my eyes were wet, while i was tightening me always more to your chest.

We, everybody, didn’t know what to say, what to do. 
At the end of that day we were really tired, but one thing we were sure of: the Big Black pub was there, at few steps from that piazza, and without say nothing, with slow walk, each one were directed inside that empty local.

I was leaned on you, and at each steps i was making, i was feel really strange. 
All in a sudden , i have tighened stronger your hand, and i have sighed your name, as if i was scared of something.
You have looked at me, and inside the pub, you have asked a glass of water, and you have laid me on the unique uncomfortable small couch that was at the opposite of the counter. 

Everbody were around me, but the only one who was hold my hand was you.
The common thought that was circulating it was «the stress that i had accumulated», but it has happen something, that has left astonished everybody, even you.

Slowly my silhouette was vanish, like sucked in a visual glitch, and despite you was hold my hand in your, you wasn’t been capable hold me back, and my scared glance has been the latest thing you have seen, and you have scream my name just when you have seen my latest shadow vanish in that glitch.

You was looking at your hand that was hold mine, and really slow, you have lifted the face toward those creatures who were staring at you, breathless. 
Only Big Black was able to formulate:”What the fuck is happening?”
A question that hadn’t have never a reply. 
That visual glitch had sucked even you, just before you had looked at him.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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