You are embracing

Me, and despite i wear sweater i feel your soft skin against mine, and your arms are tightening me strong to you, and your whispering words are saying: “Don’t give up”. I smiling to you.

You are my rock, my anchor: when i find myself on a ravine,  your arm is taking me, and is pulling toward to you, and our eyes meet, and you take my face between your hands, and you are look at me, and you whisper: “Close the eyes, and forget everything”.

I start to caress your chest, making slide on your shoulders the unfastened shirt you have on, and everything around is slowly vanish, and everything is transforming in Our Parallel World. 
Your caress are the most sweet you are give me, and our eyes are meeting deeply, and our hearts are starting to beat like jackhammer, and our connection sweetly begin. 

You taking me, and our slow dance is enveloped us, like this, and we disappear inside of it.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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