“After have” – ╚31╔

Relived all or part of that battle, we looked at each other, and that silence seemed more deafening than the rain that was enter in our heads since when  we were arrived in that dimension.
We hadn’t say us nothing, but what we wanted do was clearest than other things. 
What we had to do has been done, and now we wanted went down in street to see if there was need of  help, and to see how it was.

Slowly we have put on some clothes, and we went down.
As much as it was  deafening that silence, the ears whistled us, and to talk  was become annoying.
We had raised the tone of voice at least of two points, and now we were re-equilibrating the voice volume it and immediately, we have found again our level.

When we went out, finally the concrete was drying all the rain that was fallen, and it seemed us a miracle, even to see, the grey concrete’s colour. 
Some thunders were still roaring from far, but more they were roaring, more their sounds were moving away quickly from that neighborhood.
All in a sudden, some small lightenings had illuminated the dark alley in which we were, and those glimmers made me jolt, and unconsciously i have attached to you, and smiling, you have tightened me to you, and with your soft voice, you have assured me, that everything was passing away.
I whispered your name, and you done the same with mine, and we stopped at the same instants, looking at in front. 
We remained astonished.

It seemed that there was been a real war, and the survivors were licked their wounds.
What has petrefied me much, it has been to see with how much brutality they had killed the thug, and those whom seemed his accomplicies, and your knife well stuck inside the chest of him, from where it was came out blood, staining the leather jacket he had on. 
The blade was well stuck on his body: it could see only the five circles of the handle.

We remained to stare in silence everybody, but really slow we had forsaken that invisible line that during  the fight had delimited the bad side against the good one, and we approached to the group in front of the big window of the pub. 
We assured ourselves that noboby was wounded or was losing blood more than necessary. You ran inside the pub to get the medikit, and one by one we have checked everybody. 

Ginger was next to his Blue Paw who was bleeding but fortunately were only superficial wounds. 
When i approached to them, Ginger has looked at me, and gently has smiled, and without that i had opened the mouth, she said one thing that has moved me much: “Rob’s life has been revenged”, and when Blue Paw’s eyes have looked at straight into my glance, he has only nodded: but i knew that there was another thing, but this moment was only for Rob.

You was helping to care and to swaddle some wounds of Big Black, whom was telling you how it went, and then he looked that inanimate body to the other side of the piazza, and he has telling you when Blue Paw has stuck the blade in his body: “All in a sudden, all this silence…”, and after you have looked at him, you have  finish to swaddle one of the great wounds he had on hin thin paws.

Who weren’t wounded was looking for to clean the piazza from that garbage whom were those bodies of those there, but the weighness of the rain that had filled their lungs, it was impossible to move them: just after you was assured yourself that Big Black hadn’t need something else, you went to help them.
Each one was helping as they could, and it seemed that the weighness of that grey atmosphere, really slow, was going away. 

I was next to Blue Paw and Ginger, Typhoon as much as tired he was was still blowing his warm breathe to heating who had need of it. Salamander was making enter in the pub, one by one, who had need to drink something, and Will the Wheel, was the only one who was still checking the territory for have the certainty that everything was over: even his carapace was been hit, but it seemed he hadn’t any consequences, and seemed he was decided to make another round, and he was the only one to do it quickly.

While you was moving away the dead bodies, one of that creatures who were helping you, has exctracted your knife, and without look at it, he has gave you it back.
You have taken it, and without realizing, you have stared the blade soaked in blood, and the Big Black words has came back in mind.
A short shiver has crossed your back. 
Then someone has whispered: “The sky!”

One star followed by others filled the sky.
Soon after we have looked for each other: we found ourselves. then we looked at each other deeply, and we smiled.”


Listen to it⇓⇓


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