“That silence” – ╚30╔

Has scared us, and for a bit we hadn’t breathe.
We looked at each other, with only question in mind, but that none of us was able to formulate it.
It was raining, yes, but it was a soft rain.
Some stones was falling on the roof, and those hits has make us got back in time, and like in a flashback, we have seen all that bloody fight.

Big Black with his enormous body and his many thin paws was protect all that creatures who were below him, ready to attack that invisible force, and some creatures more smart than others, had taken the fallen stones to use them as other weapons.

Blue Paw was arrived just in time, and he has begun to challenge that force, that slowly was increase that stone rain, while Typhoon next to him, was challenge it using his great breathe, and some stones were been sweept away, directly from the main target, whom were that little army in the middle of that piazza, become an unique puddle.

The scream of Blue Paw were remembering much those of Rob, but this time the other creatures weren’t inside the Pub to watch the Blue Paw’s defeat; they were next to him to fight, and some hits they had calibrate them very well, and as immediate reply the rain was dincrease, but right after a big thunder has make shake the ground below their foot.

Everybody were staring the dark sky, that was pulling down all that heavy rain. Just Will the Wheel was checking the ground level, and when he has seen some shadows, he has started to run up and down to warn everybody.
Even him had his weapon in his wrickled paw while he was going to Blue Paw, who was still screaming toward the sky, while some stones was hitting his hard skin, and some of blood was came out from small wounds he had on face.

Will The Wheel, with the help of Salamander, was preparing the rows to attack those creatures, who were arrived to give some kind of support to that thug who was looking mockingly everybody.

Big Black had leave free all that small creatures, that he had protect till that moment, and each one had in hand, one of the knives that it recovered in the storage of the pub.

In that piazza, were falling different stones bullets, each one was protect himself, as better they could, but when Big Black has scream: “Attack!” none of them has retired: even the smallest of those creatures has threw itself toward them without fear.
Will The Wheel had put on a small army bigger, but the thug had hoped in his long experience to defeat everyone who had wanted put against him, in few minutes of real fight.

Next to the thug, were others three creatures with some scars on face, even more profound than his. 
And when the creatures of that small army, has attacked, that group it has found itself a bit disoriented.
That small army hadn’t a real attack plan, but at unison, they has attacked the paws, on whom they were stand, and with much ease, they were fallen on the ground bleeding, but they has fought heavily, as long Big Black, one by one, with your knife has teared apart them.

Now it was missing just the thug, and the rain was dincreasing really fast, and Typhon had got dry all the slippery ground.
When one of the latest stone has fallen from the sky, Blue Paw has taken it for then throw it away with all the rage he had in body, and that stone has rolled till has stopped itself among the Big Black thin paws.
Really quick all the other creatures were settled next the giant spider, and has started to watch that last fight.

By now, were the latest act: the rainstorm was make scare no longer, but maybe, were the most intense, and Blue Paw has made one step ahead as the thug.
Like two cowboys, has stared each other from long time, then the faster than a thunder, Blue Paw has threw himself on the thug, giving him a ferocious paw on the face, and he has started to bleeding really strong, and he has fallen on the ground, brandishing his big knife, wounding who had above him, but the rage of that bear, wasn’t make Blue Paw feel nothing, and after differents paws, someone has throw him a knife.

In his paw it seemed real small, but when he has stabbed his ememy with that blade, the pain mask has covered that mocking face, and damning everybody really slow has himself turned off, and after that real chaos, in that neighborhood, a deadly silence has fallen.

No longer rain, no longer lightening and thunder; just that deadly silence: just the lastet rain drops that were falling from the few trees around.”


Listen to it⇓⇓


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