It’s from two

Days that i’m feeling your closeness make itself stronger than ever. 
Your embrace so sweet from behind is taking me in Our Parallel World, and your wonderful glance is staring me so gently, and in that glance there are all the words that you want say me.

My head is perceive them, and my soft punch in the stomach is present since when i wake me as long i go to sleep.
In your eyes i looking at Our Parallel World growing up always more, and what i’m feeling it’s the same what you are feeling.

I’m think to all those little signals that are turning around us, like satellites, and they make us go crazy.
We are feeling us close, despite our damned distance,

I’m closing the eyes, and i feeling your embrace wrapping my belly, and i tight your arms around me.
I whisper: “Don’t go away!”, and your embrace become stronger, and your words become sweeter.

You turn me, and our eyes meet.
You taking my face between your hands, and your face approach more to mine. Our foreheads touch, and your hands are caressing my body till stop to the hips.
You are tightening them delicately, and sweetly you starting our slow dance.

In that slow dance are concentrated all our emotions that we aren’t able to express. 
Slowly, we start to move ourselves: our breathes are merging one with another, and from far i hear your sweet voice:, it says me: “Close the eyes… i take you in Our Parallel World”. 
My heart is starting to beat strong: you place my hand on your chest. even your is beating like a crazy.

We look at each other, we smile, and delicately your lips leaning on mine.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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