With you

Everyday is a day to live fully, and here again your embrace is tightening me stronger to you. 
And i can hear your whisper that are saying me: “Don’t you have to surprise yourself”, but i’m start to shake like a leaf.
It was from long time that small signals were rounding us, and little by little, have brought us inside Our Parallel World, and this one of the biggest. 

The universe, in all the way, wants us united, and everything is clear: our connection is making itself each day stronger, and our little electric shocks through our minds, are the real proof that we are feel each other so close one another, despite our distance we are here, one in front another.
And to think that everything has begun, almost by chance.
Maybe it was already drawed, and now, after five years everything is accomplishing, really slow.

I throw all the air that i have in my body, and one by one all these signals has come back in my mind, and i believe, even you are collecting them, and making the counts, everything is around us.
Everything inside Our Parallel World.
Now your sentence is hammering in my head: on the contrary i have surprise myself, and this is happen each day from five years.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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