“The path” – ╚29╔

To reach the apartment, seemed longer than we could imagine. Instead it was there at end of the long sidewalk, but more we approach to it, more it seemed became very distant, and just one thought has came in mind, and we looked at each other with the throat that was closing  faster.
The fight was as soon begun? Maybe. We only knew that the raindrops that were falling were became stones, and in a moment we had thought to Rob, and just in those instants we had understood that pain that he had felt in his last minutes of his life. 

In those seconds, we looked at each other, and without thinking much, you have taken me in your arms, and you have start to run toward that dark alley, by now, became and unique puddle.
In front of the rusty gate, delicately you have put me down, and you have opened it: you wanted everything do to the perfection, even if this  was a unscheduled thing.

Under that heavy rain, you have taken me again in your arms, you have looked at me profoundly straight into my eyes, and entering in the building, you have whispering: “It has as soon begun”. 
Even if, already i knew it i looked at you wide eyes a bit scared, and you have read in my eyes that same question that every creatures were questioning in those minutes inside the pub: “Would it have works?”

You have looked at me and without say nothing you have make me understand that now, we had to think only, on what we had to do in the apartment, and closed the grey door, everything slowly was vanishing, and even if outside was unleashing a real thunderstorm, we were surrounded by what we were feeling one for another.

Your eyes didn’t have take off  from mine, and sweetly you have said: “Let’s take off these clothes” bringing me upstairs, and between in your arms, i started to unfastened your shirt, and i slided my hand inside the piece of soft fabric, and in that precise instant, i have forgot everything, and in the moment you have laid me on mattress ,my heart went crazy.
Some shivers has crossed our bodies.
From a drawer, you have taken two shirts, and delicately you have passed me one, but we have wore just them.

You have started to caressed my body with just two fingers, and another shiver has crossed my body, but that one was another kind of shiver. 
You was sweetly laid above me, and our eyes didn’t wanted take off one from another, while i unfastened that new shirt, and i have left fall it over your shoulders, and you have left there: you knew, how much i found it sexy, and his caresses on my skin with your sweet movements, were something irrestible.

Our lips have started to touching themselves, but very delicately: your seemed feathers that i was looking to catch to taste their savour, but your game was faster than mine, and you wanted see my languid glance each time your mouth was laying on my lips.

I was at you mercy, and was you like it. You was listening to my breathe increase at each caress you was making me on my skin, and at each soft kiss your breathe was enter inside me, and this was create an alchemy more magical than the magic itself, and each time we looked at us, straight into our eyes, we remained overwhelmed. 
It seemed that our souls was exchange body, to return in his own, during the next kiss. 

Our hearts seemed two jackhammer, that had found the same rhythm, and it seemed was resounding in our apartment, and beyond.
But just when your hand has softly touched my belly to go always more down, you didn’t wanted lost my glance, and when i have understood where you would ended, i tightned the flap of your shirt, and my eyes have looked at you deeply, and when you have penetrated me, your eyes have found something of real magical in mine glance, and at the same instant, you have found something warm and wet, and you have started to move your finger always faster, when a lightening, followed by a thunder has teared apart the sky, while my breathes were a succesion of moans.

And when you have pulled out your finger, you haven’t take of your eyes from me, i have felt your rough real penetration, and you have started to come and go inside me, while the rustle of your shirt, was accompanied your movements carressing faster my skin, and now, our moans, with something that it get wet more, were the only sounds that we were hearing.
Wildly delicately, we have crossed our fingers, and you lifted them over my head, and after just few seconds later your orgasm got wet mine. 

We were exhausted, and we could have hear only our contractions were vanishing in the nothing, while our hearts were beating strong yet. 

Around us, a deadly silence.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


⇐“Slowly”- ╚28╔

“That silence” – ╚30╔⇒

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