“Slowly”- ╚28╔

We moved away one from another, pretending nothing, we looked at each other, almost without breathe, we have take a look to the other creatures whom were still talking.
And just after a minute in silence yet, you have ask me: “He’s really sure to do this thing?”
You have done that question putting him in the middle, but it was directed to me, and after a long breathe, i nodded  looking at straight into the eyes, then i tightened the hand that i was hold in mine.

When i got back in the pub, one the first things that it was brought me it was one of iced glass of that beer that really slowly we were starting to appreciated, and in silence, we had drink some sips, looking at outside.
In those instants, we have isolated ourselves, and we hadn’t realized that around us, that whom got preparing the groups, it had already prepared the first rows, and it was formating the differents weapons, if it was necessary: weapons that weren’t else old kitchens’ knives that Big Black had in the storage. Knives with chipped blades, but if used well might still hurt yet.

We didn’t know if in street our friends would have meet only the invisible force of the rain, like Rob had done, or if that thug was reuniting others like him: it was from that Will The Wheel had made him escape from the pub, that anybody of us had seen him around, and they had to be careful.

Since when i got back that, little by little, the rain was increased, and that lightenings with their following thunders were making themselves hear from far, and that “far” it was making itself always closer, since when your hand has taken mine, when i returned from Blue Paw’s bush.

Inside the pub, it was breathing that thin line of danger, but the real buzz of  that preparation of those creatures, we had needed just to look at each other, and speaking through our glances, we knew to be ready to fight that battle.
The only thing to do was to inform Blue Paw, and placing all our little army in that piazza that would been our battle field, and we had, just to leave the pub and get back in the apartment, and waiting for that it was unleash the real rainstorm.

As as soon as that frenetic atmosphere was calmed itself, and a quick glance between the creatures has finished to stare at us, we had understood that the rows were been completed, and just we have seen Will The Wheel leaving the pub, we looked at each other, and really slow we got up. It was time to go, to prepare, even us.
You had the Woot’s knife below the shirt, and you have left it on the counter, staring straight the Big Black eyes, and without replying nothing, Big Black nodded: it was always grateful a more weapon.

When we have gave our back to the counter, we have seen all the others creatures sharing each other some advices how to manage those weapons, and without realizing Salamander had reunited them in front of us. 
We would wanted remained there, stay with them, but the time was came, and each one had to stay at their place, and our was in the apartment. 

I have looked at one by one intensively: maybe some of them, i would not have see no longer and in those instants i didn’t wanted thinking of it, but the face of Rob, has passed in front of me, like a flashback, and now everything was transforming in something damnly real.
I wanted say them many things, but just one sentence has came out from my mouth: “Guys, be careful!”, and saying this i held back all the air, for then throw it away.

Delicately you have taken my hand, and sweetly you have sighed: “Now it’s time for real”.
You would wanted say something even you, but you had the throat was closed, but it was enough a intense glance to everyone, to express what you was feeling in that instant.
The heart was tearing apart, and it was better to leave.
Prenteding that we would see them in the next hours, we have left the pub under a unceasing rain that, minute after minute, was increasing. 

Outside the pub, we have stared the piazza, and from far we have seen the silhouette of Will The Wheel who was entering inside the dark part of the opposite sidewalk, to reach the hiding place of Blue Paw.
Delicately you have taken my hand, and getting wet us, we were about reaching the apartment.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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