Here it is

You are looking at me in these instants, and i’m starting to shake, but above all my lump in throat is growing up, and in that glance i see Our Parallel World.
I must to able to hold back the emotion, but some little tear is get wet my eyes. 

What i see in those eyes is my whole world, my peaceful place, and that’s you, despite our distance it’s like this you making me feel. 
In your glance there is everything i always wished, and i’ve found it in you
You trasmitting me all interior calm i really need, all the love i would want from a man, and that’s you… 
From when our connection has begun, everything around is so wonderful, and i know, in my own way, you can perceive what i’m feeling.

Your closeness is around, and i feel your arms tightening me strong.
Our soft punch is here, and is bonding us in a fantastic way, and despite our distance we can feel these marvellous sensations that softly are wrapping each other, always stronger one to another.
At the same instants we throwing away the air from the lungs, for don’t pour tears. 
One of the biggest emotions are enveloping us at the same moments.

I’m looking at you so, and softly i sighing “You making me feel alive” and sweetly i feel one of our electric shock crossing our minds: you have feel it.
How much i would like stare at you so, even in silence, while we say us everything through our glances.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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