Your embrace

Is so sweet,and i feel your closenesss more than ever, here in this bedroom where is begun everything, and you perceive it, and with your sweetness you make me feel it.

I’m throwing away all the air i have in the lungs, and i started to shake.
You are looking at me, and my heart is beating to beat strong.
My throat is closing, and i’m about to feel our connection growing up alaways more, and everything is becoming Our Parallel World. 

Gebo is telling us that our union is one of the stronger of the universe, despite our distance.
Our soft punch in the stomach is making stronger, and we feel it inside. 

Our heads is exploding at the same instants:  we are thinking each other, and it’s the most beautiful thing that it exist at this world.
We throw away the air, and without realizing, we get close one another,  and your closeness it’s the most beautiful thing that i can feel in this bedroom: it’s so gentle, sweet, and your arms are wrapping my hips, my belly, and your lips are touching mine endless.
Our hearts are exploding and in their explosion are taking us inside Our Parallel World.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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