“When i looked”- ╚27╔

Straight in to the Blue Paw’s eyes, i have understood that he had a big  desire to fight, and give to her beloved  Ginger a dignified dwelling, and more we were  waiting for, more it  was waste time.

Without say nothing i beckoned him, and he has accompanied me toward that one that it had to be the door  of their  hiding  place, but before i went away, the two big bears has gave me a big embrace.

I thought it was  just for  grateful for everything we were doing, maybe it was so, but when i went out, to back  from  where i was  arrived, and  the rain has started to get wet me again, immediately that humidity  got dry, and the shivers that had made me company in that slow walk toward the Blue Paw bush, were  vanished.

My regular walk, it was making  faster. I had exceeded again that dark part, of the opposite sidewalk, and  finally,i could see the  banner of  the Big Black’s pub. How much i would wanted run toward you, but in those instants i  remembered the glance of Blue Paw, and what he was saying me through his eyes: “With calm!”, and his sentence has resounded  for all the time  during  that walk to get back.
I had exceeded even, the center of  the piazza where i stopped me the first time. 
I pretended to don’t look at anywhere, but i had glimpsed the big window that was facing to the sidewalk, therefore even to the piazza. 

For a minute i have believed to go crazy: you was sat next there, you was talking with a creature that i hadn’t recognized at the first glance, but then i had recognized in the beautiful mantis  with the butterflies wings later.
The unceasing rain became stronger, my eyes had to close, and many  silhouettes were hard to  distinguish, but when you turned to look at outside, for a moment  everything inside the pub has vanished: the creatures, the buzz  that they were creating, and you got up, and  when you have said my name, all in a sudden, a silence has fallen, and everybody went to the big window to see me, who i was walking really slow.

Without realizing, you held back the breathe at each my slow step, and you was sighing my name.
You had reached the glass door opening it. 
When our glances met, something stronger has begun to beat than our hearts: the rain.

I was shyly smiling to you, and you was doing the same.  
By now, i had to exceed that puddle, and to lift the feet on sidewalk, to take your hand that was stretching to the maximum, but those Blue Paw’s words were in my head yet, and without thinking much, i have put first one feet then the other in that puddle,  for then lift  them the sidewalk, and finally, you have could take me in your arms.

I was completly wet, but i hadn’t any shiver: my body was issuing warmth, and nobody didn’t explain themselves  this. just me, with another one, knew it.
While you have called Typhoon, for get dry my clothes, i was telling everybody what Blue Paw had said me, once i had explained him what we had thought.
“When i have finished, he seemed ready, even to do it immediately.” Everybody has looked at me astonished, and then i asked you: “What you have planned?” And to this question, you have take quick glance to Big Black, who has said: “Me, Will The Wheel, and Salamander, are organizing the groups: Typhoon will be next to Blue Paw, once everything will begin”. I have smiled him proud, while you was looking at me, as if i had done everything.

When everybody has left us alone, and i had recovered the forces, you have taken the hands, and you have  tightened them delicately, then you have looked at me, and then: “I heard your voice…”, and i blushed looking at your hand, and i replied you:  “And  me i heard your”.
And so, we looked at each other, while you was approaching yourself to me always more.
Sweetly, our lips were touched, without that any creatures had noticed it.”


Listen to it  ⇓⇓


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