“After” – ╚26╔

Explained in the minimum particulars how we had thought to move ourselves, i stared Blue Paw who seemed weigh each my words, while the rain was beating on that branches’roof, and i seemed counting each seconds of that exhausting wait.

I was looking for some signal from Ginger, who was very careful to catch, even the smallest shades of Blue Paw’s face, and when on her sweet face was printing a soft smile, i have understood that the thing was doable. 
She would wanted reassured me in those intstants, but she has prefered wait for Blue Paw pronnoucing himself.
And when he spoken, that suspended atmosphere, all in a sudden vanished.
“It seems a plan much articulated, but if we move at unison, you in the apartment and all creatures in street, in few of minutes…” . 
In that sentence that he hadn’t, not even concluded, we could feel all the fear that was running in our minds. We missing the air, and for a minute we have looked at each other terrified.

While i was explaining the plan, i was slow walking up and down in the bush, but now that there was that air of real concreteness to act a real way to sweep away all that rain and all that atmosphere in that neighboorhood, i was realizing that it was a craziness, and my thought were asking: “But what we are doing?” I had to sit, and taking breathe.

I looked at the two bears, and they were doing the same, but more i was convicing myself to rectratct everything, more i was looking at straight into the Blue Paw eyes, the determination to goes on, and he seemed, even ready to make it in those intstants. He wanted claim everything what was been denied him, since when he was forced to hid himself with her beloved in that bush, and for sure, my fears  wouldn’t to stop him.

I don’t know what i was feeling in those few instants, in which our glances meeting. 
My guts were intertwinning one with another, and my stomach was denying even the small spoon of the good warm soup, that Ginger was gently offering me.
By now, i had threw away the stone, and i haven’t could hid the hand. 

That fear that was assaulting me, maybe it were my insecurities: “Will i have explained everything well?” i was asking myself. But when for a second i closed the eyes your voice has resounded in my head, and the words in rows were the same that you was was saying to the creatures to the opposite sidewalk, and when i met again the glances of Ginger and Blue Paw, the vise inside me has got slow down, and that twist guts, was going away, finally, that sweet savour of that soup was inviting me to try again.

My head was starting to turning, and both bear has helped to lay me on the ground. 
Blue Paw has settled next to me, and sweetly he invited me to put me on him, and Ginger has gave me the bowl with the warm soup and a piece of bread.
The warmth of that delicious liquid was making effect: i had need of calories, and those big paws around my little body, was giving me again a bit of the faith that i had lost in those seconds after i said  everything, without not even  breathe.

After taken again a bit of color, Blue Paw moved me away, and we looked at each other, and then he said: “When you will get back in the pub, you can say them to get prepare. This will be our reconquered!” 

At those words, my heart has begun to beat strong, and now one only face i wanted see again.
The your.”



Listen to it ⇓⇓


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