“When we have” – ╚25╔

Hearing our voices prounoncing the same sentences with the same emphasys, with the same pauses, we have realized that we not even hadn’t talked about it before, not even in the apartment alone.

But we knew how we would be acted. 
You in front of that creatures, and me inside that big bush, with Blue Paw and Ginger whom were looking at me silently, but carefully, at each my word.

Our plan was divided in two parts, but it had to work simultaneously.

In that pub you was looking at, one by one the creatures, who were mrmuring their fears, and some doubts, but whom was hearing really carefully your words, were those three creatures, who at end would have put on our project, and whoever were entered in that instant it have would seen the little engine in their brain, that was working really fast putting in row each little informations that, you was giving them: and those creatures were Will The Wheel, who seemed to don’t pay attention at your speech, but looking at his wheel’s tool, was concetrated more than ever, Salamander on his tin box, who instead with his great black eyes was staring at your mouth, and at each sentence seemed thinking how act at better.
While nervously Big Black was cleaning for the umpeenth time the same glass, and even him was planning how to divide the other creatures on base to their potential.

After few seconds of silence, you have looked at straight into the Typhoon eyes, and then you have invited him to approach more to you. “Your powerful breathe will be one of the greatest weapon that we will have”. 
And you without thinking much you have asked him: “How much is powerful your breathe?” 
Typhoon seemed blushes, but at end with a soft tone of voice: “When i have dry Daria in the apartment was the softest breathe i ever used” he admitted, and your glance has became always more decisive. 

“When we will put it in action, you will be next by side to Blue Paw”, and you have gave a double pat to his shoulders, and right after, your thoughts were went to the last time you have seen my little silhouette to the opposite sidewalk of that pub. 

Without the person who you was loving, that local it seemed you smaller. 
You was exhauted, and those creatures, as much as good they were, it seemed that they were stolen you the air. 
They were discussing on what to do, but they seemed wait for the last words of those three creatures, whom were listening their considerations, and they were thinking how manage all them.
Some of them were good ones, some were to throw away immediately.

Now it was their turn to organize the rows.

You have looked at Big Black who had filled again that glass of that beer, and with a simple beckon, he had thanked you.

You have beckoned him, and you got up from that stool, for go to the only table next the window that was facing on the sidewalk, and for all the time you was sat there, you have isolated yourself, looking at outside, hoping to see my silhouette get back toward that sidewalk, but what you was seeing, it was only the unceasing rain, and the buzz of the creatures was entering in your head, like a pneumatic hammer. 

Staring outside, you have placed the glass on the table, and without realizing, you have whispered my name.”



Listen to it⇓⇓


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