“While” – ╚24╔

Everybody were waiting for your reply, you was askig yourself if i had reached the hiding place of Blue Paw, and finally i had dried those wet clothes, and if he had gave me something warm.

Entered in that dark zone, i had to make some meters more to reach that bunch of branches, while the brownish eyes of Blue Paws were set on me and i was stared him, walking at the slow rhythm. 
Those last seconds seemed had no end, and Blue Paw, was checking that nobody had followed me. 
When i arrived in front of that branches a big paw has taken me, and delicately, it has pulled me inside, making attention that my hair, neither my clothes didn’t got stuck in the middle of those dense branches.

I left myself guided by a big tone of voice, but it was understand that it was good voice, and just when he has taken my hand with his paw, i have understood his name.

When i entered in that dense bush, i have seen for the very first time Blue Paw in all his greatness, whom immediately has gave me something for get dry me.
With my surprise i’ve noticed, that not even a raindrop was entering inside that hiding place, and maybe it was the breathe of those big creatures, to get warm that ambient, and despite i was completly wet, a warm has start to get in my bones.

Just when he made me sit on a croocked stool, i have started to looked at him with careful.
He was definitely a bear! A big bear with a white furry belly, a black back mixed with some brownish fur, but the most spectacular thing were the anterior paws: both  blue.

I hadn’t realized that i was stared them astonished. He has looked at them too, and with soft voice he said: “I was born like this” and only in that instant, i blushed, and i pretend nothing, but i was feel my shame growing always more inside.
“Don’t worry my dear, it’s normal” and so i met Ginger’ eyes. She was very gentle, she has helped me to get dry my wet clothes, and she has gave me something warm to hold in hand, while she got preparing me something warm to swallow.

Passed those first minutes, in which they have helped me make feel comfy in that new ambient, Blue Paw is passed to the serious stuff, and looking at me straight into the eyes, he said: “Only Will The Wheel knows where our hiding place”, and without make him finish i nodded and i promised him to don’t reveal nothing to anybody.

Ginger for a bit has looked Blue Paw with a serious glance, then she said: “You’ve been so brave to arrive till here, without got the attention of nobody, and everybody here, knows to whom i’m talking about! You aren’t come here just for a walk, right?”and she has looked Blue Paw, who seemed, almost excuse himself for his behaviour of few seconds before.

“Don’t worry Ginger, i can understand him. Since when we arrived here this unceasing rain hasn’t helped much. We have knew of Rob, and before of you and of the threat of that one there, and because you are hid here. But now, i ask your help again”, at those latest words the eyes of Blue Paw were illuminated, as if,  he had waited for that moment, since when they were marked as fugitives.
Now i had all their complete attention. 

When i have begun to explain them our plan, you have did the same at the pub in front to the audience of creatures, and we were talking at unison. 
Me, i was hearing to your voice, and you was hearing mine. 
Hearing our voices like an echoes in our heads, has been a relief.
For both.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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