Here it is

Of what you wanted talk to me in these days… 
I’m think of you so much in these moments, and i can feel your closeness more than ever.
They were days so intense, and you have make me feel your excitement with your closeness, and now that everything is reveal, your embrace is more delicate and i feel you approach always closer. 

Our heart are beating at unison. 
I don’t want appaer crazy, but maybe what you have wrote was directed to me? I want think it. 

Our soft punch in the stomach is growing at the velocity of our electric shocks, and your sweet words are wrapping me. 

How’s incredible, i was feeling that there was you wanted say me, and in few days this.
I miss you terribly, now our connection is became something more than some electric shocks, even if they are the most beautiful thing since when everything has begun.

I hold back the air for then  throw it away.
I close the eyes and eveything it is transforming in Our Parallel World, and we are in our apartmentin front of the big window, dancing our slow dance, while you are whispering me the sweetest words i could hear.

You are close to me, touching my belly.
I close the eyes.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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