“To the other” – ╚23╔

Side of the piazza, everybody were looking at my slow crossing, without breath.

You had that hand placed on the handle door, and at each steps i was making, you was tightening it stronger, holding  yourself to open it for give me the support that you knew it would be the biggest thing that in those instants, i would could to have, but the careful Will The Wheel, wasn’t taking his eyes off you.

In those instants in that pub was reigning a deafening silence, and everybody has held back the breathe when i put in foul the feet, and i was about to fall, and immediately they has stared at your hand was became yellowish, as much as you was tightening that handle door.

You was making each steps with me, you could hear my breathe, each my shiver, and each my thought that was crossing my mind. 
Those meters, seemed kilometres, and nobody inside that pub, didn’t knew where i would went.

I went for a bit straight in front of that grey  building, then i stopped. I was looked at me around, then i started to continue toward left, but toward left there wasn’t nothing a part a big big bush of branches to be throw away, but that nobody had thought to do, after the rain, and noboby had thought that it was the best hiding place for two fugitives like Blue Paw and Ginger.

For a moment everybody, but you, have looked at Will The Wheel, who didn’t have changed minimally his glance straight toward my silhouette that, little by little, it was confusing itself with the shadows of that neighborhood around. 
Slowly, my little body was swallowed by the darkeness, and not even you are been able to see any movements in that opposite sidewalk.

You have left the door handle, and slowly the blood in your hand has started again to flow inside the veins.
You hadn’t realize, how much strong you was holding that small door handle, as long as you have felt your blood runs fast in your hand.
You been the last to leave the glass door, and to sit on one of the stool in front of that long counter. 

Everybody were starting to make their cosiderations on what i would say to Blue Paw and Ginger, and the buzz was got back to the normal level. 
Big Black had served you, that one that they were calling beer, but you hadn’t, not even seen that iced glass, that he had placed in front of you. 
Your mind was totally in a different place where the last time you had see my small silhouette vanish, and you was looking to glimpse me once again across you remembers of those last instants.

Big Black was observing you in silence, while he was serving their beer to other creatures, but his whole attention was concentrated on you, and even if he hadn’t spoke yet, he was waiting for you who had lifted the face, and you had noticed that he had put in front of you that glass; it was clear like the sky, that you would been like this, as long as i was returned with good or bad news.

He knew that he had to be him to broke your state in which you was fallen, and at end he has wake you.
“Hey you!” he has left that his phrase was entered in your being, and it had shaked your guts: thing that did worked. 
You looked at each other for a moment in silence, then Big Black has elongated you more that iced glass toward you, and he beckoned you to drink some sips. 
Without answer back, you have looked at that glass, and you have drink.

“Listen to me” , he have started – “Nobody of us has been able to extort  where was the Blue Paw’s hiding place, and look now, your girl  with really few, has been capable to make her say it: she is very smart: you will see, she will able to convice Blue Paw to make part of the plan”. 

And with those words, a shy smile is bloomed on your face, but on the contrary on the face of Big Black was born a question that nobody there, had formulated yet, and when it cames out from his mouth, a silence that was scaring was fallen in whole pub, and everybody were looking at you with that same questioning glance.

What was our plan?”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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