I have felt your closeness approach, and your arms has enveloped me sweetly, and now you are here by my side, whispering sweet words.
Your arms are surrounding my hips, and your sweet breathe is taking me to Our Parallel World.

I feel our soft punch in the stomach, and i feel your arms are tightening me strong to you. 
Our heart are beating at unison, and at unison, we throw away all the air we have in the lungs.
Your hands are pulling me more to you, and our bodies are softly touching.

Our glance still doesn’t meet each other. 
I look at your  chest.
Your hand delicately taking my face, and really slowly it lifting it toward your eyes.
We remain like this. Breathless.

Your eyes inside mine, your words like caresses, and i remain to stare at you speechless. 
I take your hand and i place it on my chest: i think to go crazy if we don’t start our slow dance.

You look at me, and your hands caress me along my body till to stop themselves at the hips, and slowly the slow dance begin.

There is no need to speak: our feeling are doing it for us. 
We are going crazy one for another.
All Our Parallel World is here, now. 
Our electric shocks are around us.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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