Slowly you

Have embrace me, and i have opened the eyes, and you was waking me in the sweetest way possible. 
Yur arms around my belly, and they were tightening me stronger.

Our connection has begun when i have felt the soft punch in the stomach, and now, i’m feeling your closeness inside my heart that is beating strong.

I’m throwing away all the air  in the lungs, i’m starting to shake. I have felt you despite our distance and here you are. 

Tonight that electric shock has made me understood something marvelluos.
How much you would wanted my company, and i have understood it immediately.

And now in this embrace, i feel the biggest sensation. 
Maybe, even me i’m about to exceed that borderline, and every those little pieces that we have collected till now, are formatting Our Parallel World.
Those little pieces are our emotions, what we are feeling one for another, and little by little, they are bonding us stronger than ever.

I’m shaking my head, looking for to remember what dream i’ve done with you four years ago, and maybe it’s from there it’s born everything, where you have told me your secret, and then i checked, and it was real. 
Maybe it’s been that day that our connection is begun.

I’m hold back the breathe, for then throw it away.
I’m think of you, i’m feel you. 
You are arond me.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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