“A shiver” – ╚22╔

Has crossed all the backs of the present, and you and me looked at one another profoundly. 

You haven’t taken off my hand as long i arrived to the the glass door, and it seemed that it was opening itself, but has been Will The Wheel who has cheked that there was nobody of our knowledge, whom would make jump that simple, but even, dangerous plan.

The rain was falling regularly, and in less than two minute i would get wet totally.
But in those  minutes i didn’t have felt nothing: sure, i was feeling the rain on my clothes, but it was nothing in comparison to what i was feeling inside. 

My heart had started to beating really fast: so fast that it seemed it was splashing out from my chest, and i had fear to find it in my hand.
I was alone in that humid piazza, and those few street lamps were drawing strange elongated shadows of my body. 
They seemed other creatures that they wanted bring me away.
For a couples of times i had fear of my shadow itself.

Without your support, i was walking really slow for don’t fall. 
The concrete had some big mud puddle, and the manholes weren’t able to swallow the water in time for the unceasing rain.
Will The Wheel, had said me where i had to go, and already, i had noticed that big bush beyond that grey building, therefore, i had not doubts, but when i found alone in that piazza, my steps became really heavy, and all in a sudden i stopped. 

The yellowish light of those street lamp seemed concentrated on me, but instead to make me go ahead, it has paralyzed me. In those instants, i have felt, almost the same sensation of the latest moment of life of Rob.
The  fear to don’t make it, and that continuos sound that was bouncing on the concrete had a power that till now, i had not take in consideration, and stay alone in that piazza, by now, wet till the guts and beyond, it had made me understood that, and its shades.

I knew that everybody inside the pub, were looking at me, and if i was concentrated me more, i would could hear your whispers. I knew even, that your hand were placed on the door handle, ready to open it to run to me.
I was still stand in the middle of the piazza, when i closed the eyes, and for a moment, everything around  was dissolved itself, and just in that moment i have opened them again, and i have gave a glance toward that grey building, and i restarted to walk determinated to reach that big bush.  

I have glimpsed a big shadow, moving itself stealthily, but i’ve recognized Blue Paw, who was came out to check who was who was walking toward that anonymous bush, and the big Bear had noticed that wasn’t nobody of dangerous, but it was just the girl who had glimpsed at the pub of Big Black. 
He, even understood, that was been, Will the Wheel to send me there, and without make himself notice  from whoever was outside around, he makes me understood that he had seen me, and he was waiting for me.

I would have wanted to run to finish that endless walk, and above all as much i could, to get dry what i had on, but as much as nobody was around, it was just an impression.
As much as was silently that piazza, there were eyes everywhere, so i have continued to walk as i had done till now.
And now that i had noticed the big silhouette of Blue Paw, i have could see his face that slowly beckon me to continue to maintain my walk with that rythm.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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