“It seemed” – ╚21╔

The bar stopped for all the lasted that we had stared Will the Wheel, and he knew exactly what what we had in mind.

Pretending nothing, he has stared everybody, and he ask: “What’s up? The bolts now are working to the perfection” and he continued to stared that audience upheavel, as if, he didn’t know what we were waiting for.

He has begun get annoy the bad thug around his table, and Big Black has started to smile cleaning faster the lastet glasses that he had in row on the counter.
He knew, that it was way to move him away from that local, without make him suspicious.
Will had found the perfect excuse of the wrench in Big Black toolbox then to test the bolts, for make leaving him away from the pub. 

The bad thug, had tried to threatened him, but with Will it seemed doesn’t works minimally: on the contrary, he seemed the only creature of whom he was scared.
And from the second time Will had tested it, you was sure that within maximum ten minutes, the unwished one, with some incomprehensible grunts, he was leave the pub, and he was go to get wet himself, under that rain unceasing beating on the sidewalk, and it was bouncing on his face.

Without say nothing, everybody have started shyly to smile, and in that pub within few seconds it would fall a deafening silence, but everybody have started to murmur softly.
Everybody had sat the few tables, and some else, made themselves in middle of us, pretending nothing.

“The wrench always works” said Big Black lifting up a glass for everybody, and we had attended to that small show, still confused on what it was, as soon happened, but happy that everybody had obtained a small victory.
“We have to make hurry. Yes, you have right, we have to fight. After Rob death, it has been a continuos failure, and after the threat to Blue Paw, the bad thug, has started to reign with that force.
Now Blue Paw and Ginger, are hid  a place under our noses, none can imagine where they are.”

At that last sentence, the buzz has grown up, all in a sudden, but right after, everybody has stopped to murmuring, looking at each other wide eyes.
Cheking again the bolts of his wheel’ tool, Will has looked at everybody, then his wrinkled glance arrived to us, and we got back that same serious glance.

We knew, that we were about to test something never done before, and everybody there, were aware of what which we had said them: “It would could not even works.”

How they would be act, they hadn’t know yet.
Everybody were looking at each other, and just in those minutes the real plan was taking form.
Just one your question, has made everybody a shiver.
“Are they available to?” There was no need to continue that everybody have stared Will the Wheel, whom seemed more taken from his tool than other things else, but as soon he has felt all the glances set on him, he made himself space among his friends, and he taken my hand, he made me understood to have to lift him. 
I placed him on the table where a moment earlier i had chatted with Typhoon.

All in a sudden, it seemed that in that pub there were only me and Will.
And without effort he has started to explain me where Blue Paw and Ginger were hiding, and without realizing i looked at outside the glass door, and then you have looked at the same direction, as if you had understood where we had to go, but this time Will the Wheel has stopped you.
Without add nothing else, he make us understood that, this time it was a duty that i had to all alone.

He has looked at me: i had wide eyes, i wasn’t scared at all, but i knew, i hadn’t your gab, and i didn’t know how face Blue Paw for the very first time.
I was looking at outside, and slowly you came to me.
You have eneveloped my belly with your hands, and for a long second your breathe has wrapped my being, then i have close the eyes, and your words have encouraged me.
And when everybody have looking at me, i looking at you, and without realizing, delicately i touched your tiny neo, and you have beckoned a: “You will make it!”

Outside was falling an unceasing rain, and inside everybody were staring at me.

The bad thug, was smoking an useless wet sigarette, and when he has decided to leave that sidewalk, we have waited for a moment yet. 
Then Will the Wheel, has accompanied me to the treshold, and he has opened the door.
I came out.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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