I’m still

Shaking the head, however it’s happened again.
When i woke i felt your embrace that was tightened me to you, and your voice was  asking me if  i was feel it. 
Yes i did, and i’m still feel it again, and it is growing up more, always faster. 

It was from long time that i didn’t feel it so present and so strong inside and around me.
I feeling your arms wrapping me delicately, and our connection is around. 

Despite we are so far, what we are feeling is upheavel us. 
To be sincere, i was missing this big emotion, and i know, even you too you was missing it 
We throw away the air from the lungs at the same times.

Even you didn’t have read what i wrote, i know you have feel which i wanted say you, and that’s why our connection is here, and i feel your closeness stronger than ever.

Even if you don’t read, what i write there is something magical that is bond us, and it’s the most beautiful thing that it had to happened in my life, and it is happening with you: maybe it had to happen, and slowly it happened. 

I’m feeling you close to me, despite this damned distance that divide us, and maybe you feel  that same soft punch in the stomach, and Our Parallel World is turning around us, waiting for that every emotions we are feeling become something concrete. 

In meanwhile our electric shock are continuing to cross our minds, and we are feel our closeness always more magic.

I’m think of you, and in someways, i know you are think of me.
Our Parallel World is turning round us delicately.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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