It’s from when i

Woke i’m feel your closeness, and just one question is turning in my mind, but i believe you know it, and maybe i know your reply. 
If we really know each other, perhaps this question it would be useless, and our magic would be accomplished. 

In your eyes, already there is the reply, and everything it takes me again to the tha sentence that you have make see yesterday, and this is a small circle that it closing itself.

I don’t want think that we are really destined to be together, but the damned distance  it keep us so far, and our closeness is the only bond the is link us in the biggest we feel each other.

I feel your arms surround my belly, and our electric shocks are our way to communicate, and what you have said yesterday is still in my mind. You miss me so badly too.
As much we think each other, our souls making us shake.
Our heads are exploding. 
Your hands are wrapping me strong, and our glances doesn’t take off one from another.

Without realizing, you have exceeded that borderline, and now you are saying really what you feeling, and it’s incredible. 
Don’t look for shortcuts for make you feel better, usually they don’t bring good things, i’m here, i’m waiting for you from five years. 
I’m feel you.
Our Parallel waiting for us.


Listen to it⇓⇓


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