I know

That with you it would be everything different.
It would be softer, more delicate, and your words would the sweetest that i could hear.

Your delicateness is what i really need. 
You would make me feel your princess with those physical problems, that for you they would be something  magical, and without them Our Parallel World would not exist.

In this silent bedroom, the only thing i hear is your breathe that is around me, and your arms are tightening me to you.

Take me in Our Parallel World, make me feel like you make me feel. 
Pull me toward you.
Caress my hand.
Look at straight into my eyes, smile, and talk to me.

Talk me about that place we only know. 
Tight me to you, let’s start to dance our slow dance.
Let me dream through your voice about Our Parallel World
Say me you see it you too.

Let me dream something real.
Let me dream of it.
Let me dream you and me together, there
Just you and me.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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