“Everybody were” – ╚20╔

Looking at Will who was running with his wheel tool inside the pub, testing the bolts.

I was looking at you straight into the eyes and i had my mood very down, but it was the Big Black speech to make me feel a bit better.

“When he will understand that what we want to know is for the better for the community, it will easy to get that information: now he is just prudent, and i can understand him perfectly”.

I had some reflections to make, but Big Black was ready to reply without that i had opened the mouth.
“As everybody here, he knows that it was your merit all this calm. A calm that nobody were hearing from long time i can add, but before to give you that information he must to take all the precautions, and if even, he is your guardian under the street lamp, he doesn’t you know enough. But i believe, Daria, your help has been fundemental, and maybe, in these his rounds, he is reflecting on what he can do.” And everybody turned round to get back to look Will who was running among the others creatures.
For a bit we looked at each other, and you have tightened me more to you.

Typhoon was looking at us from a small table next to the window that was facing the sidewalk.
He was bigger than the table itself, and one of his paws was cover it completly, it seemed he was thinking something, when  with ease he moved away it, in all his greatness, he made himself space among the others, and he sat in the only table next to the left of the long counter, and he has started to stare us, as if surprised of whom he had in front.

He has stared us, as long as Big Black has asked him if he wanted something, but he has only grunted something incomprehensible, but in that his grunt that only name we had understand was that one of Rob.
After a minute of silence, while everybody was looking at carefully the bad thug, we had understand, that one grunt Typhoon, surely, didn’t wanted repeat it. 

Even this time, who went at that table, been me, and giving the shoulders to the bad thug, i looked at him intensively straight into those eyes, that didn’t asked another massacre.
It was what he had grunted, remembering the useless Rob’s death.
I looked at you, and without say nothing you have beckon me to go ahead.

I knew to have the responsibility to assure him that it would not been like that night in which Rob has fallen.
He has grunted again that sentence, and even this time i have only understood the Rob name.
I had the heart that was quickly pumping the blood in my body.
I threw away all the air from the lungs and i taken the only paw that he had on the table.
For whoever was enter in that moment, it would have had the wrong conception: he wasn’t him who assuring me, but it was the opposite.

I wanted to say him that everything it would went well, and everything it would got back like before that force with his henchman were arrived, but i wanted be sincerest possible with him, and i whispered, caressing his enormous paw: “Our plan can even doesn’t work, and everything can remain like this how it is now, but if we can convice Blue Paw to join to us… Do you remember how it is the warm of the sun, do you remember how it is the blue sky?” 
I didn’t know how to continue. I could see the pain in his five eyes that were staring straight at me.
“Rob is died fighting like a great warrior, and his death wasn’t been vane, if you and the others give us this opportunity to try”.
After said that, i remained in silence looking at him who was staring at my tiny hands in his. 
We remained like this, for a bit, then Typhoon has lifted his glance toward mine, and he nodded, sweetly tightening the hand he had in his, then he got back to look at the bad thug behind my shoulders, who hadn’t heard  nothing of which we had shared.

“When we begin?” he had asked. 
“As soon possible”i said.
We had just a problem to solve: and everybody have looked Will the Wheel who stopped immediately, feeling himself observed.”


Listen to it⇓⇓


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