“While” – ╚19╔

I was helping to adjust the bolts of the wheel’s tool of Will, i was feel that i had, also conquered his confidence, and after a long glance and a short beckon, he has started to tell me that story.

You was at the counter in front of Big Black, and you didn’t take off your eyes from me, and when Big Black has noticed that Will did handling that wrench no longer, but he was just talking to me, looking at straight into my eyes, the big spider, had immediately understood that turtle was about to tell one of the fantastic story that city had ever could seen.

And it was like this, that Big Black has started to tell you the same story that Will the Wheel was telling to me.

“They were been the very first creatures targeted by the only creature who we didn’t know, since it has fallen the darkness and the rain in this small city.
When we had seen that creature for the first time in this local, he has started to dictate law everywhere, but Blue Paw has faced up to him asking him who was, but as reply he has only gained only threat to be classified outlaw.
Blue Paw, from his big size and measure, made fun of him: he didn’t believed that that one creature could say a thing so seriously, but when that creature has faced him outside, it was the time that everybody got scared. From that night the rain, the lightenings and the thunders, has invaded permantely the sky of this city.
Rob was about to convice Blue Paw to give up himself. 
The situation was about to get worst, in all sense: it seemed that from that night the bad thug (as we call him)”, and saying it Big Black got slow  down his tone of voice, approaching to you more, and he continued: “…from that night, he has targeted Blue Paw, as his principal target for make everybody see who was leading the game, but that one there, don’t knew who was Blue Paw. 
Did you see that big scar on his bad face?” he asked you.

From the very first time you had notice it: it cross half face; from the left eye to the opposite down of the right side of the neck. 
You have nodded, and Big Black has sighed just his name, and you have stretched yourself toward Big Black to hear more of Blue Paw.

“The fight between them, has been so bloody. They have hardly fought, always under this unceasing rain, but in that fight we could see his challenger, and Blue Paw could throw his blows as better he could.
But when he has understand to have, seriously wounded the face of whom he had in front, he has sent him to hell and from that day, he has became outlaw. He and her beloved Ginger are escaped, and just when the bad thug isn’t here they come in to take something to survive.
And just when Will  isn’t here, it’s because he goes to them to report the latest news”.

After that last sentence, you understood the whole situation better as you glanced at me helping Will get on his tool to make sure him that i had tightened that bolt that loosened every time.
Looking at me, you was hoping, that i was been capable to convice Will to say me where Blue Paw and Ginger were hid.

Assured myself that the tool worked well, i got up and i followed Will who was trying his tool, and as much as he was running fast, and he was screaming happy inside that pub, it seemed that my work was perfect.
But unfortunately, i wasn’t been so good to get that information that i would liked, but you have said: “Don’t worry, there is much time yet to organize everything in all the minimum particulars, perhaps for that period he will change his mind”, and you have taken me again on your knees, tightening me to you, as if it was long time we were not been close.”


Listen to it⇓⇓


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