“Hand in hand” – ╚17╔

We were walking on that sidewalk in silence.
We had acrossed that dark alley, and at end of of we have met some creatures whom were staring the sky, questioning what it was happened.

The soft rain, however was falling, and slowly getting wet the passers- by whom had recognized us, and without ask, they knew where we would went.

Some of them, as soon they have seen us, has changed way, and have followed our tracks, and more creature we were meeting, more they have following us. 
They wanted know everything.
When the rain has disincreased, almost a deafening silence was surrounding the neighborhood, and they were passed many weeks that, by now, it was hearing that unceasing sound, that it was entered in the heads of everybody.
And now, that soft rain, almost was scaring more.

However, that soft rain had got wet us in our deep .
Whom had seen us on the street was entered in the Big Black’s local, and now we had difficulties to make us space between all those creatures.

The Big Black local was the only meeting point for those creatures, but when were inside one of the three biggest creatures, it was very difficult to make enter, even a crumb: that’s why there were maximum three tables inside, and just stools scattered at each angle of the local: for a passage more free.

When we entered, we been overhung by the only two biggest creatures black dressed, who have looked at us, surprised to see two «creatures» so small, and they made us pass, with many: “Excuse me, can i help you, ok  here you are!” And finally we had reached the counter looking at Big Black with wide eyes.

Salamander, already, was on his tin box, and he was waiting for to slide on your hand palm.
Behind us there was a crowd whom was murmuring asking many questions, but one above all it was repeating itself: “How has it been possible?”

After that Big Black had served us with two simple glasses of mineral water, we turned round toward the big audience, and slowly we have explained them everything we had thought in the apartment.
It was you who was talking to everybody, and just when you have explained what we had in mind, we have looked at everybody, one by one, and they have gave us back the same interdict glance. 
They didn’t know how reply.

The Rob’s death has been an experience that it had involved everybody, and it was been profound, maybe the most biggest one, and we were asking them to make the same with another experience that had marked that community.
There was a big murmur between those creatures, who, at end has stared us wide eyes, but just one of them has replied: “Tilll your arrived, just the Rob’s death has been the only big emotional experience we had…” said the tiny salamander, looking at straight your eyes.

 I knew that you was the best interlocutor that those creatures could have in front, and i could just to listen to your speech, but when i looked at you insistently, you have stopped, and without say nothing, i just beckoned with the glance everything around us, and you have understand what i wanted say.

Those creatures had the solution under their nose, and they hadn’t noticed yet.
There was a short silence, but it was broken by your deep voice questioning them with just one question.
“What did you have feeling when..?” You hadn’t, not even finished the sentence, when one of the big black dressed creature has completed your question: “…when the rain got slow down?” and at that point i shyly smiled, tightening your hand, and you have caressed mine with the thumb.

I held back the breathe for then throw it away, and our glances met, and in those eyes we had seen a glimmer of victory. 
Now we had to settle some tiny particulars, but whom was in front of the glass window to check the arrive that bad thug, has whispered: “He’s coming!”, while the two big creatures has saluted in hurry eveybody, and one by one, they have left the local, while we looked at each other wide eyes, questioning why they seemed the most scared creatures, and seemed they didn’t wanted meet him.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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