“You have” – ╚15╔

Laid me on that mattress, as if i was the most precious thing you had between hands, and your glance didn’t wanted take off mine. 
At each heart beating, our breathes were increasing, and without say nothing, we knew where we would went ended.

While outside it was unleashing a real rainstorm, in that bedroom the only thing very important were our sweet touches, and our eyes straight into one another.

You was delicately leaned above me, and i have moved your hair from your face, while you was looking at me, waiting for my finger that reaching that your skin defect, that i have always loved. 

My body was at your mercy, and i left you do everything you wanted
I had that white shirt, that you had brought me, but delicately, your hand has slided below the piece of clothe, and i have started to feel your fingers caressing my skin, and for an instant i closed the eyes, and my breathe is increased more.
Sweetly your voice has whispered: “Look at me”, and i really slow opened the eyes again.

Our glances met, while you was approaching to me to caress my lips with your, your hand was wandering on my belly, on my hips, and slowly, it were arrived on my thighs.
What we had on, it was only in the way, and slowly you have take me off that white shirt, while i have made slide your over the shoulders, and you have left it where it was, while one of hands went to explore what there was in middle of my legs.

With all the sweetness you had, you have take me off the panties, and getting back to look at me, your hand has approached toward that little point where it would found something soft and wet.
You have reached it really slow, and while you was do it, you was looking at each my expression.

When you penetrated me, a tiny moans has died in my throat, and without realizing you have said: “How much beautiful you are!” And you have started to make me get wet, always more, moving your finger from slow to faster, as long as, between one moan and another, i have sighed: “Come, i wanna feel you inside me”.

I was feeling your desire, clashing with my thighs, and it got harder each my moan, and i was ready to give my warm and wet welcome, and when you pulled out your finger inside me, you have sweetly licked it, looking at straight my languid glance, then you penetrated me, and roughly, you have started to push yourself always more, and at each thrust, our bodies were becoming one only.
And now your moans were replying at mine.

It seemed that our love was facing up to the rainstorm outside, and when just few seconds before to reach the peak of our pleasure, it seemed we had scored a point at our advantage.

We had reached the orgasm and just few instances later a big lightening, followed by one of most the big thunder, has illuminated, and has made shake the whole apartment, and slowly it was disincreasing.
We were looking at each other, feeling the latest contractions dissolving themselves inside us, really slow.

You was looking at me, and both were caressing our face, staring each tiny shade of that moment after the orgasm, in which everything  is firm and it goes slow at rythm of your heart that on contrary, it seems splashing out from chest.”


Listen to it⇓⇓


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