“Despite” – ╚14╔

The warm air that Typhon had spreaded in few time in the apartment, and he had dried our clothes, changing them it was the better thing to do.

You went upstairs to take new clothes, and when you went down, you was, already changed: you have gave mine, and you went in the kitchen to take something to eat: since when we were arrived in that new dimension, i believe, i haven’t swallow nothing of satisfying.

While i was changing myself, i was thinking to many things, and just when you have brought a tray full of something delicious, i stopped me, and looking at the rain tapping on the big window, i said, almost lost in thought: “When will does it finish to rain?”, and you have looked at me, placing the tray on the small table in front of the sofa. You got up, to come to me: sweetly you have settled me better the latest clothe on my shoulders, then you have looked at me without to know give me an answer. 
Together we held back the breathe, and slowly we has sat on the couch, looking at what you had prepared. 

It seemed we hadn’t apetite, but as soon we have give the first bite, on that first sandwich, we hadn’t realized that we had eat only that broth, that Big Black had prepared in a hurry, serving the other customers in that pub.

During that frugal lunch, we hadn’t spoken: we were tasting in peace those savours that, maybe we would have learned to appreciate more, when our resources would been over.
But one thing was running across our minds, and when our glances met, we knew that we were thinking at the same thing.

We were starting to think how to use in our advantage what we had seen in that vision that the creatures had made us see. 
They had a great pontential, but they still didn’t know how take advantage it, and in reality, not even us, but surely, there was a way. We wanted pointing on that.

Everything was running fast cross our minds: giving the latest bite of the latest sandwich, we looked at each other, and at end you have said: “Will there be a way, we have to only discover it!”, and looking at your determination into your eyes, i threw away the air from the lungs. 
You have nodded, and smiled me, and i gave it back to you, caressing, even your hand.

We remained to stare our hands, that seemed had own lives, and sweetly the fingers were crossed one another, and they were tightened themselves strong, while our glances met again.
All in a sudden, a lightening tore open the sky, and the rain has restart to fall harder.
It seemed it wanted warned us that it was ready to challenge everybody who wanted face it up to, and for sure we were the next.

A cold shiver crossed our back, when the following thunder has made shake the glass of that big window.
I remained to stare outside the window for a long minute, then you arrived from behind, and you have leaned your face on my shoulder, and with a sweet whisper, you said: “Now, we don’t think about it… Let’s to rest”, and delicately you have turned me round.
Our glances met, and your hands were tightened my hips, and sweetly you have repeated: “Let’s go up…”

I looked at you for a second straight into your eyes, then i looked at your hand, and i have taken it, and with a slow walk we arrived tthe stairs, and there you have taken me among your arms, and you have brought me in bedroom.
You have laid me on mattress, and slowly you have put yourself sweetly above me, and there, we are lost ourselves among our breathes that were increasing.”


Listen to it⇓⇓


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