You are

Here by my side.
You are looking at me in silence.
I can hear your sweet breathe envelope my being. 
I close the eyes for  few seconds, and in that precise moment, you turn me round.
You whisper my name, and slowly i re- open them. 
You are delicately smiling. 

In this dark bedroom, is lifting itself a white soft light, while your hands are tightening me pulling me toward you.

Our heads touch themselves, and our glance are dive one in another, and i start to shake, while your lips are caressing mine.

Delicately our soft punch is growning up, and our minds get connect one with another, and that rope unite us always more, and despite our distance, i feel your embrace make itself stronger, and our bodies closer.
What you are whispering, it make me shake.

Everything with you is like i always imagined. Delicate, sweet full of poetry. 
Even a small touch is magic.

Everything it is dissolving itself, and Our Parallel World is lifting around us. 
It’s there, all our dreams about a life together are.

You are pulling me to you: slowly, you  say: “Let’s make that it happens”. 
Without add nothing else, you delicately kiss me.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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