“We looked” – ╚13╔

At each other, and we had just one creature in mind, and it was our ferryman, your creature: HIM.
Maybe it was complicated to explain in few sentences, but more we were reasoning on it, more that question that he had made us, before accomplish this path, was became comprehensible.

In that passage, HIM had seen the very danger in that city, and he’s been him to take us there.
He had seen that bloody fight between Rob and that invisible force transformed in thunders, lightenings, windstorms, and at end the defeat of that brave creature. 
But we didn’t have explained us, how he had could communicate with Rob. 

Everybody looked at us,still upheavel by all that, little by little, was taking form.
After finished to drink my mineral water, slowly my hand has placed itself on your thigh, and you had understood that i had need to feel your hold, and delicately, your hand has slided on mine, and our glances crossed, and in those instants, our desire to stay alone in the apartment  has grown all in a sudden.

We held back the breathe, and really slow we have throw it away, without making us notice from the others whom was remembering others moments of that incredible fight, and whom was still had the eyes wet for the loss of Rob.
Making us relive that fateful instants, has been hard for everybody, not only for whom had seen it for the first time.
“It was a thing that everybody had to do” Big Black said looking at everybody, then he  has looked at us who had made beckon a thank.

But now, the only thing we wanted to do was to return in the apartement, despite the torrential rain, for talk on what we had discover, without, however, don’t suspect nobody, and now it would be your turn.
“What we have seen has been a big experience for both, especially for my Daria, it’s better that i bring her to rest”, you have said tightening our hands more, staring at Big Black who was the only one with which you had to speak.

Behind the counter, Big Black slowly has nodded, and one by one, we have saluted everybody. 
Typhoon was offereing himself to accompany us to the apartment, for the give us and quick, but fast, and above all warm heating, thing that we had accepted.
That rain would have get wet us till the guts once again, and before that we have would find all the towels necessary, we have would take a big cold. 
There Typhoon would been our shadow as long as we were entered in the apartment.

We have even saluted the tiny salamander, who asked us if the next day we would come back there. 
“For sure” i said, while you was looking at me, smiling ready to take me between your arms. 
Giving the latest salute to everybody, i looked at you and an: “I love you” has escaped from my mouth. 
Without have care of everybody else, you have kiss me passionately, and in a whisper you said: ” Let’s go”.

After all, we had need to stay alone with ourselves, then to put on a plan, and right after that experience, something it had came us in mind, but now what we had need was to stay really alone.

When we went out the rain was falling slowly, but we were seeing some lightenings from far, and right after some thunders were resounding in that dark sky.
The words of Typhoon were accompanying our fast walk. 
He was talking yet about that night: of how has been painful to see Rob fight without do nothing, and to understand that everything was over when he has seeing his friend collapsing on the ground bleeding.
His voice was shaking, and almost it was breaking in the throat.

Despite he was a big creature by the look a bit bizzarre, it seemed had a big soul, and that loss it had profoundly, broke the heart.
When we arrived at the bottom of that alley, the street lamp next the rusty gate has made us a strange effect yet.

We have made enter Typhoon in the apartment, and he looked at himself around. 
The apartement was a bit cold, Typhoon had noticed it immediately, and without that we asked him to do something in regard, he has started to throw away his warmth through his big mouth, and in just few seconds, it has heated and without realized, we were well dry, even us.

With a happy face Typhoon was proud of his task that had accomplished, and for a minutes he looked at us in silence, then he asked: “Will you do something…”.
Without leave him  to complete the sentence, i looked at straight into his five eyes, and with a sweet caress on his furry face, i said: “We will bring again everything how it was before, i promise… we promise”, saying this i looked at you, who have sweetly smiled, and have nodded, and however, you have added: “It will come us in mind something. You have gave us some points on we could  work together: let’s start tomorrow”. 

Typhoon’ eyes got bright, and he left us wishing us to rest well.
He left us, as if, already outside there was a new air to breathe, and it seemed he didn’t care of the unceasing rain.”


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