Your embrace

Is tightening me from behind, your voice is whispering such sweet words.
I close the eyes, and everything is taking us in Our Parallel World.

I’m starting to shake.
Our small electric shocks are crossing our minds fast, and our vise in the stomach it’s there.

Our soft punch is growing. 
We looking at each other without say nothing.

Our eyes straight one in another, and your hands are, delicately, tightening my hips, and you whisper: “Let’s dance”, and our movements are moving ourselves in front of the big window of our apartment, and a soft light is enveloping us.

Everything is become how always we have wished: everything it is dissovlving itself, and we existing only us.
Only you and me, me and you.
“Tight me more” i say.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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