“When we”- ╚12╔

Got woke up from that strange vision, i’ve whispered that name many time, and i looked at you wide eyes, and i have repeated that name even looking at everybody, whom were surprised as much as me, because none of them, till now had said us what was his name. 
Then they have turned their glances toward Big Black, whom had to only nod, and he sighed: “Yes, that was his name”.

When you have accompanied me again to the counter, have asked a glass of mineral water for me. 
I was still upheavel, how a remember of a bunch of creatures, has made relive at two strangers like us, an experience so painful, but well rooted in their souls, and now i was looking at the only picture of that feline creature, with a greatest respect, and my heart was beating strong yet, while i was drinking that water without take a breath.

The latest instants of his life, were still in my mind, and more i was try to think to other, more it wasn’t possible to think about him.
He has give his own life to rescue the others, and this made me close the stomach, and my emotions have done the rest. 

I had need of  a physical contact, more than embrace. This time me, i had need to embrace you, to feel you among my arms. 
Just hearing your heart beating, slowly i got calm myself, and only hearing your deep voice that was saying: “It’s all passed”, i have lifted my face from your chest, and when our glances met, i held back the air i had, for then throw it away, but some tears were fallen from my face yet.
We looked at each other, and with all delicateness, you have dried them.

I recovered myself from those great emotions, but we both knew that the story wasn’t finished yet.
You wanted to check that i was ok, and in a sigh you have asked: “Do you want back in the apartament?”
As much as it was a quite place, where we could rest, i was feel more in safe in that bar, between those creatures with whom, we had share one of the most intense experience of our lives.
And for sure, now i didn’t wanted go in any place else.

Despite to the apparent calm, inside me everything was turning round fast, and maybe i would got calm, just at end of the whole story, so i looked at Big Black, and just after a mine soft beckon, he started to continue to tell. 
Everybody else, were on their tables, in silence.

He started, and his big voice has resounded in that pub, like a thunder outside.
“When we had brought Rob inside, was  fainted, and barely breathing. He had lost much blood: his wounds bleeding much, and we weren’t able to stop their flowing.
Few seconds before he has left us, he has whispered one sentence that we everybody will never forget. 
He excused himself to been not able to defeat that big force, but now that you are here, what he have said us after, has a sense.”

We looked at each other breathless, and with soft voice, you have beckon a question, and without not even formulate it, everybody present has held back the breathe, and Big Black had looked at everybody behind us, as if,  he was searching the courage to say that sentence.

Quickly, he threw away the air he had in the lungs, then all in a blow, he said.
“His latest words were been: «someone from very far, will come to help you». and they have left us speechless: we have thought he was delirious”.

We looked at each other, and just at one creature we had thought, then you said: “He wasn’t delirious, he knew well that we would  be arrived”.
Delicately, i have taken your hand, and one by one our fingers were crossed.”


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