When everything

Begins, all around become light and soft, and i feel your arms wrapping me the belly, and delicately, you pulling me to you always more, and your words are surrounding me, and your arms are tightening me more, while you turn me around.

Our eyes meet: our breathes just for that second, stop, and we say everything through our glances. 
I leave you do what you want do, without effort.

Our glance don’t take off one from another. 
What we want is just kiss us. 
I caress your face till to reach your tiny neo. 
You approach to me so delicately. 
Our perfumes are merging one with another. 

You whisper my name, and i lose myself into your  two blue oceans, and i hold back the breathe as long your lips are on mine.

Slowly i take your hand, and i place it on my heart. 
You are look at me, and sigh again my name.
My emotions exploding, while a small electric shock cross our minds. 

Slowly everything around become Our Parallel World, while you pulling me more to you, and you sigh again my name, and your lips approaching to mine.


Listen to it⇓⇓


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