“Everybody” – ╚11╔

Remained in silence to stare that broken concrete, outside the bar, like to remebember their friend, and we even, have looked at that line on the floor, and we remained upheavel when all in a sudden, we were watching to the whole scene, even if, in reality outside there was only the rain that was falling.

When he appears just with a blue jeans snatched, supported by just a brownish trousers braces, he was screaming to everybody to looking for a safe place, and Big Black had opened the door of his pub, closing it immediately after.

Among thunders, lightening and a big windstorm, he was screaming to that invisible force to make itself goes on.
Just few minutes of psychological fight, it has arrived the first blow of a terrible cyclone, that it has threw away everything around. 
It had hit even him, but that first hit, had moved him of  few centimetres from he was placed.

He had the fists to the guard of his muscled body, and he was incite whatever he had in front to do better. 
He knew, that it would not be a fight made of blows, but it was, above all, a fight of mental resistance.

That rain was getting wet him, but before to he would have feel some shivers, it would be passed many hours. 
His fur was one of the thick, that one creature of his size could have.

His eyes were yellow, but one of the deepest that we had ever seen: they were thin, and in his glance there was the determination of  whom believed to defeat that invisible force that was destroying everything.
Before to scream to put everybody in safe, some other brave creatures had fought next to him, but one by one, were been killed. 

He was the biggest among them, and the hardest to fight against with.
Several blows were been launched against him, but even him, seemed have threw hits, and it seemed, he had even hits some nevragical point, because immediately after the rain was seemed dincreasing, but this has lasted only for few minutes: by little by little, the wind has become a small tornado, and it has sweept away all bodies of the fallen whom were still around in that battlefield, leaving to the rain the task to clean all the blood that running slowly inside the rivolets, next the sidewalk. 

Even the great feline creature was bleeding: one of the great wound was on his right paw, but it seemed it didn’t get hurt him: it seemed his painkiller was your anger, mixed to the adrenaline that was running in his body, pumping his blood at maximum.

It was been a endless battle against all  darkest forces of the nature.
Windstorms, rain that was heavy falling, and seemed big punches on the great body of the only challenger, and more the rain was transforming itself in hail, more those punches were became harder to support, and more those hail got bigger, more his wounds bleeding, and he made himself weaker.

After the umpeenth the hard blow of a bunch of hail, he fallen on his kneels, and he has elarged his paws, for then, make them fall on the wet ground, as if, he had no longer any forces in his battered body, and his fur once grey, now was just of the color of his own blood, and slowly he collapsed on the ground, by now, without the force to lift the face toward glass door, where inside there his friends whom had seen his slow defeat.

When he has closed the eyes, for don’t open them no more, a tear has fallen from my face, while the rain getting wet more his inanimate body. 

I have whispered a name, while i leaned myself to you, and everything got back normal, while the rain was the absolute starring.”


Listen to it⇓⇓


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