You whisper

My name, and delicately tighetening my belly from behind.
We remain so for short time but that it seems endless.
Our hearts begin to beat at unison
You say me “Don’t turn”, and continue to sigh my name, and in response i whisper your, and they become a sound that envelope us

Your arms on my hips, are begin to caressing my body, and very slowly, you turn me round.
We leave ajar the lips.
You are looking at mine, and i look at your languid glance.

Our breathes are merging one with another, and the only sweet rhythm is that one of our hearts. 
We remain in silence: everything around is upheavel us.

Slowly, you take my hands along my body: our fingers crossing one with another.
We look at each other: we start our slow dance.

Our electric shocks begin to cross us. 
What we are saying, we are make it though the minds. 

I look at you, my eyes get wet.
A tiny tear fall from my face, while you are approach to me, and your lips are sweetly caressing mine.
Our hearts exploding at the same instants.
You are sweetly kissing me endless. 
I caress your face.
We look at straight into our souls, and delicately, you take me upstairs.

Everything wrapping by our breathes, and by the rhythm of our hearts.


Listen to it⇓⇓


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