“We remained” -╚10╔

To stare everybody whom having fun, and it seemed that it was the real first time they didn’t have thought to the rain like a real danger, while your glance went to to look at the only picture of the feline creature, and one question was filling your mind. 

The Big Black Spider, was in front of you, and with his thin paws was cleaning some glasses, and without making himself see, was looking at you, and he knew what question was rounding in your mind. 
It was simple to guess it. 
That only picture of that big muscled cat unleashed the question of whom was looking at it for a bit.

“Before to be sweep away  in one of the biggest blow of air, he has defeated many other dangers, with only his great force of his imponent body, and before to die, he has fought like a big warrior, that’s another reason, i have wanted remember him making show only his picture in this long frame: he was my best friend, and he has helped me to put on this local.
Everything has started when a day it lashed out a lightening, just outside of the local, one of the biggest lightening that i ever seen: it, even. has broke the concrete in half”, and with one of his black thin paws, he has indicated outside.

Without realizing, he was telling us the whole matter, and without interrupting him, we were listening to.
When he has indicated outside, slowly the joy was there around, was dissolving itself.

The other creatures had understood that Big Black Spider, was softly telling us the rest of the story, whom none had the courage to tell, even if everybody there, had lived it in first person, because the wounds were still open, and they were bleeding yet. 
The silence was fallen, while in that local, just the sound of one only voice echoing. 
Each one, very slowly, has sat to those tables, and were looking at themselves round.

It seemed that everybody had to repescting what Big Black Spider, had begun to say us, and they had to respect to whom had give his life to save their.
We were sat  on one stool: i was on your legs, and you was hold me tight the belly, and i was hold your arms in mine.
As much we were taken by his words, that we have not noticed that other had stop. 
Just Big Black Spider had noticed them, and occasionally, he had threw some beckon of grateful toward them.

The tiny salamender on the counter, went up on his tin box, and it was listening. 
His black eyes seemed getting wet, a with a quick tongue gesture it has dried them.
“Whom we have lost, it has all our respect, and when Big Black, has decided to put only his picture, we have agreed” has continued the salamander, looking at outside the point in which the concrete was broken.

Even if, outside was falling an unceasing rain, inside has fallen a deafeaning silence, and after few minutes, that everybody were looking at the same point, a soft and delicate voice, has underlined: “That was the exact point that our friend has  fallen, then lesser than a second has been sweept away, and we did have see him no longer” .

We turned round, and whom had talked was a beautiful colorful delicate mantis with the with wings of a butterfly, and we have continued to stare again outside the broken concrete. “


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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