Here you are

Again: your words are wrapping me sweetly, and  i can only close the eyes, and your hands are, delicately pull me toward you. 
Our heads are touch, and everything around is become crystalline.

Softly i slide my hand on your chest, and you stop it on your heart.
“Do you feel it” you are saying. 
My hand is shaking, and your lift my face. I was caressing that neo you have on your chest, but softly your lips meeting mine, while everything is dissolving itself.

Everything is becoming white, and your glance is straight into mine.
Slowly our approach each other. 
Our lips are caressing.
Our names are whispered. 
Our hearts are, slowly, going exploding with our all our emotions
Delicately everything become Our Parallel World, and you whisper: “Let’s remain here”


Listen to it⇓⇓

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