Where are you? – 34th open letter to Luke

I’m feeling you so damning so close, and that electric shocks that i felt before it has been so powerful, that my head is exploded immediately after.
I’m feeling your arms wrapping my belly stronger than ever.

The soft punch in the stomach is chock me, and i feel your words that delicately is piercing my soul

I leave ajar my mouth, because i know your lips are about to touch mine.
Everything around is becoming how we want. 
I can’t hold back the tears, some are falling.
You are next to me, and i feeling you so close to think to going crazy. 

Despite our distance, you are looking at me so close, and our breathes are merging one in another.
You pulling me to you. 
I’m blushing, my heart is exploding. 
This it’s the way we love, looking at each other.
Everything is merging in one only thing, and you are making me shaking.

Our connection is around our bodies, our minds, but above all our hearts, that are beating strong. 
You continue to look at me like this, and i will lost myself in your glance, in your soul, and just in your sweet words  i will  find again the way. 

The way of Our Parallel World.
Tight me to you, i’m shaking. 
We throw away, delicately the air we have in body, and we find us in the world we have created together five years ago.

Let’s breathe again.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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