Today is so

I feel your closeness stronger than other days, and my lump in the throat is growing and it’s incredibile how i feel you by my side, despite all that distance that divide us.
That electric shocks we have felt has been something big
You have said me something important, that i’m still deciphring it.

I’m feeling your arms around my belly, and  the only thing i can do is throwing away all the air i have in the lungs.

Unconditionally, you are saying things, that i already know.
Slowly, you are realizing of  Our Parallel World, is something real, and it’s around us, and when we are connect, like in this instants, everything become true, like our soul that are communicate  one with another continuosly: from that electric shocks that you have sent me, i throw away all the air i have, for don’t go crazy.

I feeling your closeness around me, and i feel your arms surround my belly. 
What i’m feel it’s just our magic, and i’m sure you are feeling it too. 
It’s stronger than ever.
Our Parallel World is uniting us always more.
And without say nothing, we are looking at each other, feeling our emotions crossing our minds, just few whispers making us feel so close.


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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