“After” – ╚8╔

Have tasted the fury of that  rainstorm, we had hoped that could dincreasing itself, instead, his rythm has been regular, and some lightening following by thunders, has accompanied us for all the time we remained in bed.

As we have imagined, we haven’t sleep, or we have forsaken ourselves in Morpheus arms just for real few minutes: each time our sleep was been interrupted by the roar of that one, or that other flagorous thunder.

After the umpetheenth thunder, you have sighed my name, and slowly i lifted the face toward you, and our glances met, and without say nothing we have begun to stare the rain that was falling tapping on the window, while the street lamp was spreading his yellowish light in all that alley, reaching even the window of our bedroom.

At each big roar by  a new thunder, i was tightening to you, and occasionally you was reassuring me.
Even if we didn’t knew what time was, we have  would thought it was night, and that night that rain has been our soundtrack. 
At the begin, it could seems, even a pleasent sound, but more we were listening to it, more it has become like the heaviest stone that we had to brought over our shoulders, and stay in the apartment alone, it was become really hard.

That constant downpour of rain resounding in the open space echoing in our heads, and we seemed to explode at any time.
“I can’t make it no longer”  i said looking at you, and without explain, we have throw away all the air from the lungs, and without add nothing else, you have simply nodded.

Despite it was our safe place, in that circumstance, the apartment could be, even the wortest place.
The sound of that rain was increased, and there everything was amplified.
Above all we enough rested, if it can say. we ha realized that we had sleep more or less two hours, between a thunder and the other.

We didn’t take off, not even the clothes: only the shirts, but we have taken the first thing, and go: even that one it would got wet immediately, but by now, it seemed we were getting to use it quickly, and even when we went out, you have protected me no longer from the rain.

The only thing that you hadn’t forget to take it was the knife, ad when we went out you have settled it inside the trouser belt, hiding it below the long sleeves shirt.
When outside the gate we have seen the shell of Will The Wheel, with the wheel’s tool lean to him, we have thought to don’t wake him, and slowly we directed to the only local with the sign turned on.

By now, we were wet till the guts, and more than so, we could not got wet, and our walk got slower.
You have taken my hand, and we have took a look around us.
Not only the brickwall in front of the apartment, was caged by irons spikes, but even, all the few buildings in that part of the neighborhood, seemed caged by iron structures, and each raindrops was hammering on those structures, and that rain was deafening, and that’s why there were nobody in the street, and those few were running in search of a place, where that noise would heard lesser.

And that place was that local, where were entering new species of creatures, that we didn’t still met.
Completely wet we entered, and everybody have looked at us, and and we have met again friendly faces, and with surprise, we have noticed that it was breathing an air more relaxed,
The bad thug was gone, and maybe we knew the reason, but we didn’t wanted to investigate more.

The Big Black Spider, was serving the new customers, and between his milion gestures has tapped on the bin box, and the salamender has came out again, and he has wanted to put himself once again on your palm.
“They has described me your apartment. There, that sound it have to be incredible.” and without add nothing else, he has looked at us who had wide eyes. 
“For the very first time i have believed to going crazy” i sighed then i felt your arms envelop me. 
“By now, we hadn’t heard the rain fall so hard from long time”  it said a new big creature with two green and red eyes by side and one in centre with grey fur, and he even added: “We have thought immediately, because your arrived, that’s why we were come immediately here” he said approaching to me, and seeing me shaking from the cold he smiled, and knowing what he was about to do, the others were moving away a bit.

The salamander has got back inside in his tin box, and the Black Spider has put in safe some stuff .
“What’s going on?” i asked.
“Baby, you are shaking like leaf, i can help you to make you feel immediately better”, and he held back all the breathe he had in that big body, and slowly he threw it away all the air from his lungs, and with great surprise, me and you whom was tightening me to you, were get heating by his warm breathe.

There was no need to thank him, but at least we wanted know his name, and of the others whom were smiling at us.”


Listen to it⇓⇓


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