You are next

To me, and you are smiling, looking what i’m doing, and sweetly your hand is enveloping my hip. 

When i feel your hand on my body, i close immediately the  eyes, and together hold back the breathe, and everything around is dissolving itself, when our small electric shocks begining to across our minds, and slowly, despite our long distance, it make us closer.
I leave ajar my mouth, and your lips caressing mine, and i feel your hands tightening me.

Just when you whisper my name, everything fall, and disappears, and all in a sudden we are in our apartment; just there next to the window, one in front of another, and you start to move yourself slowly moving my hips. 

Our heads are softly touching, and our breathes merging one in another. 
We throwing away the air from the lungs.
I feel your hands caressing my face, and some sweet words are wrapping me, and really slowly our glances meeting, and all Our Parallel World is there. 

I make slide my hand inside your shirt, and you stop it just on your heart, and everything stops. 
We throw away the air from the lungs, while our lips are approaching one another.

Another second, another kiss, and we enter in Our Parallel World.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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